About The Creative Spirit

The Creative Spirit is an accumulation of our founder, Lisa's love for sewing but also about the joy of creating and enjoying the whole process. This can only be done when slowing down and seeing every step as an integral part of the journey 

Lisa founded The Avid Seamstress, an award winning sewing pattern brand in 2015. The Avid Seamstress was created from a deep love of sewing and the absolute joy that comes from making amazing garments. Lisa's ethos is to slow down and enjoy the entire journey of sewing. From cutting the pattern, pinning and cutting the fabric - each of these elements is as important as the sewing.

Through the creative sewing workshops run at her studio in Dorset she found that when people came to the workshops they really immersed themselves in the day and unwinded as the hours went by. There seemed to be an immense opportunity to offer more than just the day, to be able to offer a retreat where sewists could come and have time for themselves without the endless to do lists. To have time to enjoy the incredible craft of sewing but relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

Meditation plays a daily role in Lisa's life and has helped her to see the beauty in the present moment. Combining slow sewing and meditation has created a new way of looking at the art of sewing and with this in mind, THE CREATIVE SPIRIT, was created. 

Centred around sewing, rest and relaxation in a truly luxury setting we want you to feel welcomed and taken care of. With morning meditations, massage, beautiful food and more magical surprises, you'll leave the retreat feeling vibrant and full of joy. 

Lisa Falconer

I invite you to enjoy this beautiful space for slow sewing and soulful rejuvenation and to enjoy the journey of creating and connecting with like minded sewists.

Lisa Falconer